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Automotive ProductsIf you’ve recently bought a new car, chances you’ll want to make the most of your car by investing in some car accessories. Here are some essential car accessories that you must have when you’re going on to the long drive.

1.Car cover

A car cover resists your car from sunlight, rains, bird droppings, dust, grime, and whatnot. In most cases, it could be given free by the dealer, or you can get one for your car for a small price. A car cover will also retain the shine of the car’s paint longer.

2.Floor Liner

An area that gets easily soiled in a car’s interior is the floor. If you don’t already have branded mats or floor liners in your car, now is the time to consider getting some. All-weather floor mats form a protective layer and protect the carpet in your car from dirt and debris. Also, these floor mats can be easily cleaned, and maintaining them isn’t a problem. The floor liner keeps your car interior protected from mud and dirt and makes it look fresh.

3.Air freshener

Different cities have different air quality. But if your sense of smell is sensitive and you are prone to allergy, get a plug-in car air purifier and ionizer. It can also work wonders in getting rid of secondhand smoke if you allow smoking inside your car. If you tried everything just to get rid of the smoke smell, and there are still traces of it left, this might be the answer to your problem.

4.Car emergency kit

A car emergency kit is one of those things that you don’t think much about until it’s too late, with a well-equipped emergency kit in the trunk. Literally, it includes roadside flares, first aid kit, work gloves, working jacket, brake fluid, extra fuses, fire extinguisher, emergency blanket, light sticks, adjustable wrench.

5.Car safety hammer

The car safety hammer is used to escape quickly after a vehicle accident roadside emergency. Most car windows need the power to open. When you are in an accident, your car loses power and the windows will not open. The great thing about the Life Hammer Original Emergency Hammer is its tried and tested simple design.

6.Jumper Cables

If you leave your lights on overnight and kill your battery, don’t let it destroy the timing of your perfectly planned route. Be able to jump your car on the spot without having to wait for a friendly stranger to give you a hand or for AAA to arrive.

7.Spare Tire

Most car buyers aren’t in the habit of checking for a spare while they’re kicking tires. Having a spare tire is helpful when is damaged. There are also various other car accessories on the market today that can help optimize.

8.Universal charger

Mobile phones now feature the micro USB charging port as standard. Different mobile phones in different types of charging we use it. It is the best supplement for charging mobile phones during long rides and tours.


GPS is a one-time investment. It has all the features like turn-by-turn voice guidance, speed limit warning and so much more. If long road trips are something you love, a GPS is a very smart choice.

10.Security system and gear lock

If you park your car outside the garage, you should think about getting a steering wheel security lock, which ensures the safety of your car. You can also opt for a security system that can act as a theft deterrent and give your car a keyless entry feature as doors can be unlocked remotely without having to insert the key in the keyhole of the door. Some security systems also offer a GPS tracking feature

These accessories can make your car ride easier, smoother and can prevent you from getting stranded amidst your journey.

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