MSI Core i9 9th Gen – 



  1. PROS:1. Solid configuration for games till date and probably next 2-3 years, or may be for 5 years (this system will be able to run on minimum settings)2. 4 Zone RGB with multiple lighting options3. Sturdy metal body and Key board flex is very less4. Processor is i9 (11thGen) – which is almost equivalent to i7 (12th gen), so if u have an option, go for i7 (12th Gen). Processing speed is ok, I use heavy rendering software and AAA game titles.CONS:1. 165 hz i.e. 160 FPS makes no sense, since max framerate you can get on 1440p is 60 and on 1080p is 120.(I have tested Forza 4&5, NFS Rivals, Payback, Unbound, Ghost recon Wildlands, Ghost recon Breakpoint on medium settings.)2. On Ultra high or even high settings CPU and GPU temp goes 75 degree plus and framerate is dropped3. You have to keep charger on forever, the battery backup while gaming is so poor (20 mins max) and Game rendering is very poor on battery. So prolonged usage might even burn your charger.4. MS office is not included, it is difficult to find any genuine MS product for free.5. 15.6″ screen FHD is more than optimum for gaming so 1440p resolution is uselessPeople paying extra 15-30 k for this feature might not get full value for money.6. Graphic Card (3060 6 GB):-in 2-3 years, it will be treated as entry level graphic card based on ray tracing architecture. As on today, Forza Horizon 5 starts with warning, but runs game smoothly on ‘High; Settings.7. Battery – Very very poor,–Idle (screen on 100% brightness) : 100 mins, 50% brightness: 150 – 200 mins–Normal usage: 60 mins (Youtube, web browsing)–Heavy: max 30 mins (gaming, coding, rendering)

  2. The laptop was running quite good, but when I installed a game around 20-25 GB…….it turned to blue screen & shows automatic repair system. This is the 4 time photo of the same error.I request amazon either to replace the product or please send a acer company technician for the same……..& if this problem continues there is a issue with laptop or the windows, Please don’t buy. 07/10/2022.The laptop is running good…there were some update issue with the windows 11. Now the windows won’t show any blue screen or auto repair mode while heavy gaming . Updated on 08/10/2022.

  3. overall good to buy, heavy configuration so sometime its hang.

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