iPhone 13: Final date, Specs and Latest Rumors

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In the present article, we will discuss iPhone 13 rumors, specs & the final date. We are still several months away from a formal announcement, but that doesn’t stop leaks and rumors. Every year at this time there are an ever-increasing number of rumors about the next iPhone and 2021 is no exception. It’s too early to start talking about Apple’s next iPhone because iPhone 12 goes out before 6 months and now we are looking for the next iPhone, which may be known as “iPhone 13”.

We gathered the newest and most resolute rumors about the cameras and features of the iPhone 13.

When iPhone 13 releases?

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 In the second week of September Apple hold its iPhone event. But Apple revealed their iPhone 12 series on 13 October (Breaking the pattern) and make it difficult to determine when the iPhone 13 take place. In 2021 the pattern returns the iPhone 13 event to take place on 7th September.

What will be the cost of the iPhone 13?

* Too early to know

* From rumors and expectations there is no big price increase. But for your help, we only give you an idea of the price of the iPhone 13. It seems to start at a price of around $799.

Rumors for features and specifications of iPhone 13:-


iPhone 13 has improved cameras. Its camera has features like an Ultra Wide Angle camera, which is beneficial for close-up photography. It will provide better low-light performance because of f1. 8.


All the iPhone 12 models offering OLED displays. So from these iPhone 13 models will also have OLED screens. But there might be a drop-down in a refresh rate from 120 Hz. It seems to come 60 Hz, this never happened. iPhone 13 models will look to introduce alongside face ID.


Apple has figured out a way to include larger batteries inside of its iPhone. However, due to large battery cells, the weight of the upcoming iPhone 13 will be much more in comparison to the iPhone 12 series.


From rumors, we only make an idea that iPhone 13 will come with an A 15 processor. We expect that A 15 is comparatively better than A 14 processor.


The biggest rumor revolves around the storage on iPhone 13. It is reported that iPhone users opt for higher storage capacities. So as per demand iPhone 13 may introduce with 1 TB.

The iPhone 13 could see a major shift in use cases with multiple new technologies pushing the device forward.

Fall 2021 is a while away yet, so expect a lot more leaks to detail the iPhone 13 until its launch.

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